Financials 2016/17

Our total income in 2014/2015 was £25.04 million

How you gave your support

We raised £3,843,666 which came from:

  • Community, events and individuals (£2,545,988)
  • Merchandise (£23,976)
  • Legacies (£296,562)
  • Major gifts, trusts and corporates (£977,130)

(we also made £19,297 in bank interest)

How your money is spent

How your money is spent

  • 58% on funding research to find new treatments and enable earlier diagnosis
  • 26% on providing support and information to help people affected cope with a diagnosis and providing specialist advice on pancreatic cancer as well as providing training events for health professionals
  • 16% on campaigning for better access to treatments, improved treatment and care, increased research investment and greater government focus on the disease

How we supported people with pancreatic cancer and their families

For every £1 donated to Pancreatic Cancer UK:

  • 75p is spent on research, information and support, campaigning and awareness
  • 24p is spent on raising the next £1
  • 1p is spent on governance